Sometimes Cuteness is all you need


I’ve got pride and I’ve got class, I drink my wine from a primrose glass. Mixed with fire and just enough sass to let you know “you don’t like it you can kiss my ass”  You best be believing that when you see me leaving it’ll be for good. You’re a twisted Robin Hood, you steal from the poor to make yourself richer, take a good hard look ,without goggles made from liquor, at the reality your living and how your dying quicker. You’re poor and a hustler and I don’t mean money.You want the truth? Well here it is honey.  You’re soul is depleted your happiness receding, and I bet you’ll be expecting to blame it all on me. But when I’m struttin’ my stuff down the carpet of red, and you’re dreaming of the things you wish you had said, just Know… I never took a goddamn thing from you, never took anything for granted, and the gratitude I gave was thrown to the ground, I watched you smash it, spit on it, and let it gasp for breath till it made no sound.  So what you expect me to do, how you expect me to act as I watch a friendship light up and then turn to ash.
But hey that’s okay
That’s alright
Just keep my mouth shut
don’t start a fight.


That’s the role you want your actress to play. well I’m sorry honey, I’m too good to go out that way. You best understand I’ve got something to say, and something worth saying, more than two cents I’ll give you a rolex and a hundred. Don’t believe me? than Watch me fly, watch me soar, watch me have more power than your god awful roar. Because all you spit is wasted air and space, I’m aiming to make changes to the whole human race. Anybody can rap about who’s is bigger, Anyone can spit about a pussy and how he eat ’em. But when you can weave words in a sorceress fashion, when you can speak volumes and meaning to the rest of the masses, maybe then I’ll spare some time for you. Until then… exit stage left. that’s your cue.

Just had a chat with the big man, on behalf of you.
This is what he said:

There was this man from memphis,
a king who all adored,
who sang lullabies in the night,
and sweet croons in the morn.

oh, he took a flight to Vegas,
and flew across the shores,
landed in 'nam,
not knowing quite what for.
Didn't know
that in his dreams,
he was  standing at Graceland's  door--

I wish there were
a magic word
that I could think
to give to you
no word will really do.

The tear drop that bleeds tonight
won't be wasted in vain.
In the mists of the insanity
there always comes the rain.

I wish There were
a way
to touch
that place inside your heart
the faithful chord that sounds through the night
A homing pigeon, feel free, take the flight
with a message waiting
for you right outside your window pane.
"If there's time. Don't let it waste.
The turtle was the one who ran the race."

I can't take the pain from you
I can't make it go away
but understand this
there's still time today.
If you're breathing in the air
like every day is your last--
Then relax,
it's all right.
Don't leave that path tonight.
Because there's still time
to fix you in the morning.

She hid her face away
covered by lost memories
and scenes as bright as yesterday
she gave way to the chorus
the Hallelujah all the way
and from her lips
there came a taste
of some brighter day

Oh when all the leaves are changing,
I think of all the Winter tidings
of a christmas, warm that way.

When the summer is still unwinding
I think of fall and all those days
the smell of burning wood
a dog bark up in the distance.
Oh if only i could show you
what I mean in what I say.
If only you could hear me,
in that special tender way.

the way
fingers sing
up on those strings

the gentle hush
of blush lady
bug wings
If you're quiet,
can you hear it,
in the distance?

If you laid your fears away,
if I wiped the tears--
I promise--a new way.
Would you take that path unwinding?
or would your turn the other way?
The longer you keep turning into the cave
the harsher light will seem.

Oh if only you would listen.
Nothing has to end this way.
What you hold
is a life that's full of memories,
some so new,
some still old.
But if you showed the deeper
the true story
of your tale,
and flesh out
all the dirty things...

And breathe...

There are still memories
You have yet to see
There's still time--

to fix you in the morning.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt


A touch of spring Rings through out the air.
You think of her and her glowing hair–
the moonlight transcends all known beauty.
the saddest songs are the ones of truth
and love isn’t bold its a faded hue
a sweatshirt
left behind
at the end of a movie 

Oh, if you feel the pain inside your heart–
its a lightening strike–
shocking you alive.
If the pain only grows–
the burning trust
of burning love–
well, then it might just be
more than lust.
But you’ll never know.
If you keep love’s light away,
all you’ll know
is the darkness
in which you grow

A blossoming lotus–
a fountain of youth–
a holy ghost–
here to rescue you
from all the pain
you put your self through,
thinking it just couldn’t be true.
The choice is yours.
Don’t miss your cue!
This is the holy dove,
the wind’s whispering truth
whispering secrets of land
when upon the sea
You’ve spent time
envisioning  the day
your feet feel the sand again
and the warmth of the sun glazed
flows right ,
at last,
through you.

On that day, we’ll be free from guilt or pain–
raised from past–
watered by rain–
a small river of hope
a silent tear drop streams
down the silvery face
of a window pane–
oh we are growing!
We take the time to learn it slow
so when the clouds drift
the sun is smiling, so
it must not be
something so bad.
On that day, I won’t lecture you
I won’t say the word
you need spoken out loud
because to make the choice
is the chance you take.
And from my lips,
my silence screams
No mercy.

I call your past, I raise my glass
I bet you a future, free at last
the dream is laid out
there on the table
You can choose to call
You can huff and puff
You can raise your hand
you can call my bluff
or you can fold
to the dream
that’s screaming,
inside you.

The choice is yours.
The chance is yours to take.
Here is the life we could have someday.
But till then, i’m leaving
the choice with you.
I’m not folding
I’m not holding
I’m not doing anything
but playing
the hand
I’ve been given.
And listening to the potential
mother earth makes kinetic
within me...


If you beleive,
then Blessed–
you shall be.

((((( 🙂 Hey Guys… audio to come shortly.))))

Theres music in the sighing of a reed;
Theres music in the gushing of a rill;
Theres music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.”
~ Lord Byron~

☮ John
🙂 Leonard

Well, I heard there was a secret chord
that David played and it pleased the lord,
but you don’t really care for music,
do ya?
Well it goes like this
the fourth
the fifth
the minor chord
the major life
the baffled king
All we are saying, is Give Peace A Chance.
All we are Saying, is Give Peace A Chance.
Give Peace a surviving chance, give peace a surviving chacne, ya’ll
All You have said is
Give me the proof
Well, your faith was strong
You needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
and the beauty in the moonlight
over took
She tied you down to the kitchen chair
She broke your throne
she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew
the Hallelujah.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
Hallelujah. Hallelu–
Well, maybe there is a God above,
but all I have ever learned..
learned from love,
is how to shoot somebody,
who out drew,
out drew me.
And love
Love is not a cry
that you hear at night
it’s not somebody who’s seen the light
its a cold and its a broke
Oh Hellelujah
all we are saying
Oh Hallelujah
give peace a chance
Give peace

12:03~ Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my funny valentine

Dear Jackie,
won’t you come out to play?
Dear Jackster,
greet your nocturnal ways
the sun aint up
but It’ll shine for you
because your beautiful
and you’ve pulled me through
Dear Jackie… I write this for you

You were there pullin me up
hanging by a strand on the rope
bout to fall into the dangerous
lie of all creation
that somehow
my life was not worth living

You came to me that day,
your arms marked in
inked colored glory
wearing bright plaid shorts
and bert and ernie belt buckle of sorts
solidified our friendship
In one single moment
I happened to glance up
not expecting any visitors
to the emotional rollar coaster
amusement park
that my life was
I saw you and eyes filled up
the sight alone pulled me up
right outta my chair.

You were there
when I fell
and needed help up

Dearest Jackie.
I write this for you.

February 14th only comes once in this month
so be sure to take a moment
to jot down
your crazy valentine cares
send out some chocolates
do lunch
Is she there?
And if the wench isn’t there
to pull back your hair
You know i’d be there
cross the space of time
there’s no doubt in my mind

I’m spitting rhymes.
No sorry.
No two roses are the same red
no true violet is blue
Daisy told me and Clem too
so it must be true
you can’t argue with them two

dear Jackie…
Won’t you open up your eyes
and see the beauty inside
the  ONE woman I am proud to call my wife
on a soap box I’ll stand
for the whole book
of faces
to the world I’ll declare
I friggin love you dude
No homo there.

Ha HA!
Your my soul sista…
I’m so gangster
your so thug
Imagine little sista
a hug
from me
You’re fuckin family
to me
and my crew
Just know
if I’m rollin the streets
I’m rollin with you
Just in
maybe drew
nikki’s not driving
but she best be there too
shout out to my brother in law too
its a nice feelin
knowin a clan of
perfect strangers
can do the impossible
set down mother fuckin roots
and spring a new family tree
from the ashes of old
or the one that never came through
Listen, its true.
If you’re ever down, baby
Listen to the song
good vibes are what i’m singing
And its aimin at you


Dear Jackie,
you’re beautiful
and I love you.
Dear Jackie.
Happy Valentine’s day boo.

Ocean Conscious Conversations


They told me to compose my thoughts.
They told me to stop and take a look

at the world that was swiftly turning right beneath my feet.
A singular pointed melody
that held me in its stand still beat–

like a lucky lightning strike
on a used bed of matches
igniting the fire
that sends ashes
a blaze
through the ashes
the fire
to turn night to day,
but composing lullabies
to sing them to sleep
later on, when into bed they creep–
implanting my seeds
in the back of their minds,
letting the roots take hold
and seep into their dreams–
fairy tales and unicorns
and a horse led to stream.
Can’t make it drink,
but they can wait
for the call
To witness
The beauty
both possess within.

They told me to compose my thoughts,
and look what I do.
I write a whole song and sing it to you.
Would you believe that its true?
Would you believe me,
if I told the God honest truth?
maybe I’m here for you.
Maybe I might just be heaven-sent.
Not looking for sex or revenge.
This isn’t a fight;

so put your arsenal in store
this isn’t a war.
It’s a peace keeping mission;
some well earned gratitude
is all I’m looking for.
For the tree I just planted.
And the lotus seeds,
Bird crumbs for you to follow,
which,I left for you.
You were part of my life.
There’s no escaping the truth.
We both knew:

You have to walk a day
in someone else's
unshoelaced shoes
to have any real
perceptions of truth.

A ramble. A stream of conscious. A babbling brook.
I told you this is paradise, baby.
Why you searching’ your book?
Fairy tales and mystic spun silk
sheets? Satin if you dare.
Boy watch it.
My door is always open
to perception–
to the fountain of youth
I’ve learned to track it with a pen
when the ink runs dry
I learn to fill it again.

Come on by,
The fountain is open to you,
If only you accepted the cue
to enter the stage
of your own creative  life,
where the story comes true,
and your no longer an actor
rotting through plot.
Give it meaning. Play the Part.
But never forget
your connection through art.
Find the man– you know you can be
Turn that cameo to a leading role.
Don’t lose identity.
Instead find self.
there’s no rehearsing
your lines
when it comes time
to choose heaven or hell
or admit to your crimes,
or admit that you fell.
Just breathe.
And listen to me.
What in hell are you running from?
Only heaven knows.
I can speed it up…
But I’d rather go slow,
take the time to grow,
turning all them lessons…
into something I know–
Something I can hear.
Like a song played in my ear.

Making music by the scent of your sound,
as your eyes take a rest
and a good look around,

Watching the watery tides of the emotion in your thoughts
with a lighted eye,
like a lighthouse searching for something
in the night.
Open up your mind.
Let the bird outta her cage;
let her sing
the message you bring:
“If you lift me up
I’ll fly. I’ll soar.”
I’ll be your angel.
I’ll be your shooting star, sure!
Make a wish on me
and watch it come true.
I’m put together,
and it’s me that’s  puzzling you.
Little baby boy
you never were far,
Lived in my thoughts.
Breathed in my dreams.
You tell me how this story ends.
Tell me what you beleive.
You were my partner in crime–
You’re my camera on zoom
while I dance around
beneath the slender moon.
She’s watching us both
Singing for us
through shared time and sky
tune in and she’ll sing just for you,
all the the lies in your truths
unriddle the pain that plagues your heart.
If you listen closely,
you’ll feel her heart.
beating for you,
Bleeding for you,
asking for forgiveness
for the forbidden
she holds
in a pregnant glare
when her full moon opus
well lit
from her sun.

Stream of consciousness. Babbling Brook.

The mother, baby boy…
The ocean… let her into your heart.
In the safety net of her tide
may she call you back home
through a sonny and cher song.

Let her sing,
and may she bring you home
nestled safe inside
an angel’s wing.
May she bring you a home,
and dreams
to see
When later,
from the sound,
you’re fast asleep.

In the Jungle the mighty Jungle The Tiger sleeps tonight

I wear the stripes,
Like a tiger, it true
with pride
as prison bars
as marks of proof
of all the fucking shit
what my life put me through
It takes courage to change
But don’t believe that its true

its a lioness lie
to mask their pain from
the truth
its them tryin
to tell themselves their right
but it ain’t about bravery
or what you can  do
Its the knowledge of life
all you’ve been through
not changing a thing
and feelin afraid
that gives you the freedom
to leap from hell
unleashing The Great
It heaven inside of you
I know I’m bound to reach it
one of these days
And kills you to know
That its all coming true
I’ve seen the glory once
so i don’t need more proof

And just as I’m sure
here comes you
asking me
for guidance
and a way to pull through
but in the jungle, baby
there’s me and there’s you
add a third and its
over the rainbow for you.
Lions and tigers
and bears oh my
Its not a posse
its a sight for sore eyes
like a circus its true
but i’m a tiger
sher kahn
wasn’t a fool
yeah i’m quoting disney
but you think its cute
but wise up
Its an imaginary clue

If there’s a king in the jungle
then I Best not be in it
never again
will a penis dictate
my life
and those who are in it
I ain’t a pawn
I’m the queen
protecting the dominion
come into my territory
and I’ll check you
and your mate
before I deck you
and your horrible date
I’m no lioness
I don’t need a nightly prowl
that’s for you
and your pride
that you use to hide
all the nights they
just didn’t call you
and the tears you cried
And yes i can see the envy
not the first pair of eyes
glaring at what they can’t be
them girls seeking the burning glory
that seeks me out
all without roaring
I’m no lioness
need no nightly prowl
still i’m a jungle cat
and I know how
to be stealthy
not so brash
and loud
I already told you
I’m wasn’t lyin
I have stripes
and i’m proud

Find The Tiger Within

I’m BaaaaaaaAAaaaack

I’m in love with my life. more than I have been in a while. I have what I need to suffice and something growing inside me. Its a wonderful flight as I take off and head out because the horizon speaks more volumes in silence, than men do in their speech and it calls to me now how softly it speaks. Leading me through forested paths, up side ways under, I’m in love again. And it sets me free, the sweet release, if only you would just believe. We could take the air and soar the heights if only you would get over your fright.
Who said it just had to be falling in love, why can’t we fly or simply fall up. Thrown down and tossed around, after all we’ve been through, I don’t want to fall in love, we’ve fallen enough, no more down, baby let’s get up. There’s no fear of falling when you can fly like me. Take my hand, Take you under my wing, you can feel the trepidation but don’t let it in. No fear of falling, come fly with me. No fear of falling, say you believe.

I’m in love with my life. More than I have been ever.
since your part of my life, I’ve never been clever.
So run with me, through the fields of rye
come with me as I take to the sky
Its so simple and free
Come on baby
say you’re with me
come on baby
come be safe baby
I’ll tend to your needs
and softly softly
i’ll sing you to sleep